Funny Car Driver-come-Mobster: Broadway Freddy DeName

There are some historical figures who are so mythical that their life stories prevail through a series of Chinese whispers. It can be hard to discern which aspects of their stories are true, and which are hearsay; rumours blown out of proportion to intensify the protagonist’s image. Frederick R DiNome is one such legend. HisContinue reading “Funny Car Driver-come-Mobster: Broadway Freddy DeName”

Celebrating the life of a British Drag Racing Legend: Dennis Priddle

I, like many others who partake in any way in our sport, was saddened to hear of the passing of Dennis Priddle last week on 28th April 2021. He was 75, and passed away due to breathing complications following a fall. I doubt that many people who are on the British drag racing scene haven’tContinue reading “Celebrating the life of a British Drag Racing Legend: Dennis Priddle”