Funny Car Driver-come-Mobster: Broadway Freddy DeName

There are some historical figures who are so mythical that their life stories prevail through a series of Chinese whispers. It can be hard to discern which aspects of their stories are true, and which are hearsay; rumours blown out of proportion to intensify the protagonist’s image. Frederick R DiNome is one such legend. HisContinue reading “Funny Car Driver-come-Mobster: Broadway Freddy DeName”

Think Pink: The Playmate of the Year Cars 1964-1975

Playboy: a phrase coined in the 20th century to describe a wealthy man with ample time for leisure and who often enjoys the company of women. For this reason, those who follow the playboy lifestyle often surround themselves with expensive, beautiful luxuries, such as cars. The most famous (or infamous, you decide) playboy is ofContinue reading “Think Pink: The Playmate of the Year Cars 1964-1975”

The Isle of Thanet’s Forgotten Drag Strip: Screamin’ Alley Raceway

Like many history (and car) geeks I spend my time trawling the internet looking for original drag racing and hot rod photos. There’s nothing quite like the nostalgia conjured up looking back on evidence of the glory days of our hobby. Imagine my surprise, then, when I stumbled upon an advert for ‘Screamin’ Alley Raceway’.Continue reading “The Isle of Thanet’s Forgotten Drag Strip: Screamin’ Alley Raceway”

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