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A blog reminiscing on the glory days of drag racing and hot rodding, and how we are keeping this nostalgic hobby alive today.

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Funny Car Driver-come-Mobster: Broadway Freddy DeName

There are some historical figures who are so mythical that their life stories prevail through a series of Chinese whispers. It can be hard to discern which aspects of their stories are true, and which are hearsay; rumours blown out of proportion to intensify the protagonist’s image. Frederick R DiNome is one such legend. His…

Life Update: I bought a Gasser

Boy… it’s been a while! First of all I apologise for not writing in such a long time, over a year in fact. Life takes over of course; I started a new job, helped build a race car and have just generally been busy. In that time I have made plans for new articles, and…

The Shelby Cobras that Dominated the Drag Strip

Picture this. I’m at Goodwood Revival, posing next to a gaudy, fuchsia pink, metal-flake adorned Shelby Cobra. I’ve asked Jake to take a photo of me beside it because the ridiculous paintjob matches my vintage dress. Little did I know that I was stood next to the winningest Cobra in NHRA drag racing history, with…

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