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A blog reminiscing on the glory days of drag racing and hot rodding, and how we are keeping this nostalgic hobby alive today.

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Powder Puff Racing and Miss Universe of Drag Racing

I have a gallery wall in my dining room. Not the kind that most people have; photoshoots they’ve had done with their family in a random apple orchard, some ‘live, laugh, love’ quotes scattered amongst pictures of the dog and baby scans. Ours has adverts cut out of 60s drag racing magazines, press shots of…

Funny Car Driver-come-Mobster: Broadway Freddy DeName

There are some historical figures who are so mythical that their life stories prevail through a series of Chinese whispers. It can be hard to discern which aspects of their stories are true, and which are hearsay; rumours blown out of proportion to intensify the protagonist’s image. Frederick R DiNome is one such legend. His…

Life Update: I bought a Gasser

Boy… it’s been a while! First of all I apologise for not writing in such a long time, over a year in fact. Life takes over of course; I started a new job, helped build a race car and have just generally been busy. In that time I have made plans for new articles, and…

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